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Up in Vallejo, CA every year for the past few years, they hold a “Pirate Festival”, open to the public for free. In my humble opinion (and I hope no one gets their panties in a bunch over this) it’s a rather fringy Renn Faire, but its free and a TON of fun. “Pirates” cover a lot more time than the Renaissance does. So you get a wider variety of costumes and goods.

Best Find and the ONLY thing I wanted to buy that I can still remember months later:
Wandering in front of a stall, my husband spotted aviator glasses on a hat. “Oooo” came the simultaneous response from both of us as we changed direction and headed for the display. And there to find some absolutely STUNNING steampunk hats, sitting all anachronistically quiet on a hat display. A wide variety of women’s hats. Wilamina makes them herself. She puts together little collage bitz of things together, finds a hat, forms it if needed and makes a unique hatpin designed specifically to go with your hat.

They are well worth the money and totally deserving of designing an entire outfit around them.

At the time, she hadn’t a website for them yet. But, thinking about the hats this morning I did a quick search and (God Bless the Internet), there she is! I had to come and spread the word!

So, without further ado, I would like to introduce, “W, the House of Wormwood” and Wilamina’s fantastical hats!

House of Wormwood


Hands off the grey hat with the lightbulb, I own that hat in my heart and it will come home to me soon!


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Cubicles are meant to be droneish for a reason. The less difference in one cubicle to another means the less the employees stop to chat about anything unique. It keeps things productive. But when you spend 8+ hours of your day in your office, you want to have things around you that make you happy.

Having an office that looks as awesome as This One: http://www.wired.com/culture/design/multimedia/2007/06/gallery_nemo_office would be wonderful. However, that level of Steampunk Goodness is out of reach or impractical for most of us.

So, how do you steampunk your office into your happy place without driving your boss over the Edge?

Like all nice touches in life, the key is accessorizing.

A small industrial fan.

An Old Radio

A old library dewey decimal card cabinet for office supplies

Lightbulb with solar reactor

Venus Fly Trap

What are your ideas?

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For a modern off the shelf item….. this is the ONLY watch I will wear. ❤ my husband muchly for making it my Christmas present.

It winds itself by using a pendulum that swings with your body movement. You can see the jewels, the gears, the movement, the winding mechanism. Being on time has never been so much FUN! It’s ENJOYABLE to watch time pass.

Oh, and the model number, in case you wanted to track down one of your own: KC2486, made by Kenneth Cole

Kenneth Cole makes this Steampunk Watch

Kenneth Cole makes this Steampunk Watch

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It seems less intimidating to me to modifiy dollhouse parts. Less risky than trying to modify the life size (and considerably more costly) versions of things. Since folks seemed to enjoy my tinsy keyboard, I thought I’d add something else I had been working on.

Thermal Grandfather TimeKeeper

Just a fun little thing… nothing fancy. Just amusing. 🙂

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