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Cubicles are meant to be droneish for a reason. The less difference in one cubicle to another means the less the employees stop to chat about anything unique. It keeps things productive. But when you spend 8+ hours of your day in your office, you want to have things around you that make you happy.

Having an office that looks as awesome as This One: http://www.wired.com/culture/design/multimedia/2007/06/gallery_nemo_office would be wonderful. However, that level of Steampunk Goodness is out of reach or impractical for most of us.

So, how do you steampunk your office into your happy place without driving your boss over the Edge?

Like all nice touches in life, the key is accessorizing.

A small industrial fan.

An Old Radio

A old library dewey decimal card cabinet for office supplies

Lightbulb with solar reactor

Venus Fly Trap

What are your ideas?


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While gathering parts for a project I’m working on, I stumbled across a very nifty object that begs for someone to take it home and steampunk it. This poor lonely object is sitting on the basement floor of an antique conglomerate of dealers. I took pictures of it for you. I can give you their name and phone number and you can make arrangements to purchase it through them if you want. If they are unwilling to ship it, I’d even be willing to pick it up and mail it for you… though beware, its heavy. (obviously, if you pay for the shipping).

Secondhand Rose 14 N School St Lodi, CA 95240     (209) 339-1166

Buttons and knobs and graphs Oh My!!

Working Oscilloscope

Working Oscilloscope


It’s a working Oscilloscope. It’s $69.00 at the somewhat antique/consignment/mix of stuff place called Secondhand Rose in Lodi, CA. If you call and they say the What? Where?… It’s in the basement. Go down the stairs. If you walk straight ahead, it’s not the dealer RIGHT next to the stairs, but the one after that, on the right side. It’s on the floor behind his/her display case. I’m not selling this myself, nor do I get anything for it… I just think it’s begging to go home with someone who will treat it right. By right, I mean, do something awesome with it.

Closer view of the front

Closer view of the front

Manuals are available online. It says it’s operational and works. I know next to nothing about Oscilloscopes. They measure something about electricity. They make pretty lines and this thing has lots of knobs and switches and buttons.

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